QMD Medical is proud of our heritage as a small business. Our success was built on a customer first attitude. Today, we still commit to the same values the company founders instilled 45 years ago. Going the extra mile for our clients is part of the culture within QMD Medical and it’s group of companies.

Or course we are proud of the expansion and the diverse markets we have been able to develop over the years. This unique blend of ingrained customer care, and our ever evolving business development puts QMD Medical in a very strong position as a key part of our clients’ global supply strategy.


Originally founded in 1968 as a narrow fabric manufacturer, QMD Medical has been an industry leader in the development and production of all types of products for over 40 years. Through our self owned manufacturing facilities in Asia, the Caribbean and North America, we currently supply a broad range of customers in the Hospital, First Aid, Veterinary, Athletic and Sport Therapy markets. We are proud of our accomplishments and continually strive to improve the way we work.


Quality is our first priority. Our entire manufacturing process rigorously adheres to the standards established under our TOTAL QUALITY ASSURANCE certification. We use only first quality raw materials in all products we manufacture and always fully inspect these materials prior to commencing production. We monitor the movement of production through the entire production process to ensure that items arrive as expected.


As a manucfacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to react swiftly to the changing needs of both our customers and the marketplace. We inventory a variety of styles to support our stock program while at the same time custom manufacture to exact specifications.


The QMD Medical team is dedicated to unparalleled customer service. Our order entry and customer service group work hard to guarantee same day shipping for all orders on stock items. Additionally, through our network of trusted carriers, we ship products directly to customer’s locations anywhere in the world.



QMD Medical has three self owned facilities located in North America, the Caribbean and Asia, providing a wide variety of options of our clients. Our Complete Quality Assurance Training is universal, so that all our employees are trained the same way. All of our factories also follow the same strict manufacturing guidelines, guaranteeing our customers receive the same quality product, regardless of where it is made.


In addition to our own plants, we have several strategic alliances with reputable factories, allowing us to broaden our product offering. Whenever we outsource any part of our process, a QMD representative is on sight to ensure the product is to our standards. As a final assurance of quality, all products are sent to our facilities for final inspection prior to packaging, guaranteeing one last time that the item we ship is exactly how we want it.


QMD Medical works with our clients to provide them with A-Z manufacturing. We can provide one, two or all the steps in the process, allowing our customers to receive competitively priced products that they will be proud to have their name on. Our in house department, customs compliance, and logistics management teams means we can act quickly and effectively to every demand.


Private Label manufacturing is something QMD Medical has been doing for as long as we have been in business. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our private label customers 100% satisfaction. Traceability, document control, and Device History records are diligently maintained, with complete confidentiality, so that QMD is the manufacturing arm for our clients.


We manufacture for a variety of clients which take our products from pharmacies and retail stores to hospitals and orthopedic clinics. Some of the industries we serve include Hospital Supplies, First Aid & Safety, Athletic & Sport Therapy and Vetenary Supplies.



We offer a broad range of elastic bandages, available in various widths and lengths. Individual shrink wrapping and custom packaging are available. Whatever our customer’s requirements from single to multiple colours, clip or velcro closures, synthetic or cotton yarn, made with latex free materials, we are consistently developing new innovative products.


RUBBER ELASTIC BANDAGES : Used for compression and support , especially for the treatment of strains, sprains, tendonitis , injured ligaments, tenosynovitis, poor peripheral circulation , and edema. Also used to secure splints , dressings and ice packs. Also helps to prevent re-injury to weak joints or muscles.

Premium: Orthopedic quality , high compression, durable, extra comfort , washable, re-useable
Usage – Sports Medicine, orthopedic clinics , hospitals
Regular: Lightweight , general use bandage, medium compression , solid colour
Usage – Hospitals, EMS, Sports medicine
Economy: Exceptional value, two tone colour
Usage – Hospital, EMS , First Aid


SPECIALTY ELASTIC BANDAGES : Each of these bandages contains specific characteristics, which provides for a variety of applications.

Latex free : by using synthetic rubber this bandage provides risk free usage while maintaining the same high performance as our regular elastic bandages.

Cotton/Self : adhering made from a cotton/poly blend, this bandage includes the convenience of a self adhering closure for exceptional ease of use.


ECONOMY ELASTIC BANDAGES : Skip Stitch Construction

Q233: Two Tone Polyester ( Beige and White ) Contains Latex

Image 1



Q133 : Polyester ( Beige and White ) and Acrylic Blend, contains latex

Q633 : Dyed, Polyester, contains latex

Image 1Image 2



Q733 : Polyester and Cotton Blend, contains latex, Velcro closure

Q1033 : Two Tone Polyester, contains latex, Velcro closure

Q1133 :  Polyester and Nylon Plush back, with latex

Image 1Image 2



Q233N : Economy, Two Tone Polyester, contains polyisoprene (no latex)

Q633N : Premium, Polyester , contains polyisoprene (no latex)

Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5



Designed for when light compression is needed, and to keep wound dressings in place, all our conforming bandages are made with first quality raw material, and adhere to our stringent quality guidelines, to ensure constant stretch, compression, and comfort. This product is not made with any natural rubber latex.

Our conforming bandage product is made from breathable materials that allow air to circulate over the skin and around the dressing on the wound. It is sometimes is referred to as a cling bandage as it adheres to itself. We offer a variety of packaging in the conforming bandage product to meet our client‘s needs whether it is for distributor or hospital use. Our conforming bandage rolls measure 4.1 yd lengths and 5 yd lengths and are sold in four popular sizes, 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” widths.


Q134PP/ Q134VPP : Bandage is non sterile, individually wrapped (pillow packed) and is packaged in bulk or in bags of 12.

Q134V : Bandage is non sterile, individually wrapped (shrink wrapped) and is packaged in bulk.

Q134B12 : Bandage is not sterile, unwrapped but is packaged in boxed format of 12 units.

S134CA/ S134V : Bandage is sterile, vacuum packed and is packaged in bags of 12 or in bulk.

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Made from absorbent 100% knitted cotton, our stockinette product can be used as a removable and washable liner under splints or braces.

Each stockinette roll measures 25 yards per roll and is sold in a convenient dispenser box . This product comes in several sizes ranging from 2” all the way up to 10” widths.


R10 : Individual stockinette roll – 25 YDS /ROLL PACKED IN DISPENSER BOXES

R10BU Individual stockinette roll – 25 YDS/ROLL – comes packaged in bulk meaning no dispenser box. Can also be made into 50 yd rolls upon request .

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Our adhesive strips are made with our state of the art equipment. Our strips are all made to adhere well to the skin, without causing discomfort to any of the wound. We have an assortment of shapes and sizes available. We stock all the standard sizes, and product comes available in both fabric and plastic backing. Rest assured our adhesive strips are both sterile and latex free.


AS19/75 – ¾ X 3”Standard adhesive strip. Latex free, island pad, with excellent adhesive qualities. Packaged in 100 unit boxes. Available in both fabric and plastic backing.

AS25/76 – 1”X 3”Standard adhesive strip. Latex free, island pad, with excellent adhesive qualities. Packaged in 100 unit boxes. Availble in both fabric and plastic backing.

ASFFM45/76 – 1.7” x 3”Fingertip, Medium Adhesive strip . Latex free, island pad with excellent adhesive qualities. Packaged in 100 unit boxes. Available in fabric backing.

ASFK38/76 – 1.5” x 3”Knuckle Adhesive strip. Latex free, island pad with excellent adhesive qualities. Packaged in 100 unit boxes. Available in fabric backing.

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QMD Medical gauze products are made from the highest quality non woven material, as well as woven from the best quality cotton available. Our strict specifications guarantee the gauze products used will do the job in an efficient, and consistent manner, from the smallest 2×2 to the biggest absorbent cotton roll.
Gauze Pads: 100% woven cotton gauze pads are available in sterile and non sterile packaging, in all standard hospital sizes. Specialty sizes can also be made.
Gauze Sponges: QMD non woven gauze sponges are made of highly absorbent poly/ rayon blends. Using heavier material than the industry standard, our sponges assure quick and absorbency.
ABD Pads: QMD ABD pad is made with superior raw material to ensure high absorbency. Our ABD pad is designed for large wounds, providing absorbency, padding and protection.

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For more information about QMD Medical and our products, call us at: 514 495-1531 or Toll Free at: 800-361-1190. For a sales representative in your area, click HERE.